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Yes / No by Orren Merton

Yes / No

Captain Lang's repair mission was routine: fix the malfunctioning robotic arm on the International Space Station. What wasn't routine was the wormhole that opened between Earth and the moon, and the alien vessel that contacted him. Captain Lang figures out how to understand two responses from the aliens: yes and no. This makes it difficult for the aliens to communicate the imminent danger and urgency of Captain Lang's situation...

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A House Off The Road by Orren Merton

A House Off The Road

When Staff Sergeant Ben Reuben's best friend, along with four other American solders, are kidnapped a few days after the D-Day invasion, Ben volunteers to rescue them. But this was no ordinary capture; the Nazis are waging an occult war, summoning an evil creature far more powerful than human soldiers or weaponry. Thankfully, Ben isn't alone on this mission; he is partnered with the mysterious, undead Ambrose, himself a powerful demon hunter. Ben and Ambrose must save the soldiers before the summoning is complete, and Hell breaks loose--literally.

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Skye Entity by Orren Merton

Skye Entity

Eight-hundred year old vampire Heinrich Strauss tries to blend into a small town in central California at the same time a series of brutal murders begin. Will the townspeople believe that Heinrich is innocent? Is he innocent?

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