Skye Entity

Skye Entity by Orren Merton
Skye Entity by Orren Merton (Other Fiction ISBN: 9780983023661) published on June 6, 2013 by Darkling Books. Read the first chapter now.

Skye has been kidnapped!

After first contacting Earth for assistance, Skye lands with much fanfare at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California in 2025. He needs to repair his vessel before he runs out of energy in a few short weeks.

The United Nations, governments, and people of Earth are happy to comply. Skye is not a recluse, happy to make contact with humans, learn and assist any way he can–in exchange for help returning home. For most, Skye represents a hope beyond the political upheaval and economic tensions of their time–a representation that Skye, a kind, peaceful entity, takes pains to portray. To others, however, Skye’s arrival presents an opportunity for military, political, and economic superiority. Skye’s kidnapping threatens the delicate political balance on Earth as well as a potential intergalactic rift with the first beings to ever publicly visit Earth. With two worlds watching, Skye’s friends and protectors need to recover Skye before its too late.

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