The Deviant

The Deviant by Orren Merton
The Deviant by Orren Merton (Heinrich Saga #1, ISBN: 9780983023630) published on December 13, 2010 by Darkling Books. Read the first chapter now.

Eight-hundred year old German vampire Heinrich Strauss is on the run—from his past, from his crimes…from himself. He is deviant, and he knows it; a vampire can’t fit into society like a normal human being, love like a normal human being…can he? Is it possible for him to transcend his parasitic nature? Or is being a monster what defines him?

He tries to find solace in the small college town of Santo Paulo, when local detectives uncover the bodies of young women. They know they have a serial killer on their hands. Even with a daughter of Santo Paulo in love with him, Heinrich finds that being a vampire makes proving his innocence very complicated indeed…

The Deviant is an page urban fantasy paranormal romance novel that includes no sparkling teenage vampires, no werewolves, and no emo soundtrack (unless you bring your own). If that appeals to you, please check out the links below to download half the book or buy it from one of the available retail sites.

What readers and reviewers are saying

Orren Merton has a way with words & he drew me in right from the start. The world building was fantastic…If you want an old skool look at vampires, pick up The Deviant, you won’t be disappointed.


I’d definitely recommend The Deviant to those looking for a thrilling mystery…that just so happens to have vampires.”
—Orchid Forsythia,

Merton’s writing style is one of its successes, as there’s something about the steady, deliberate pace with which the tale unfolds that absorbs you completely into his story.”
—Alice Wybrew,

Yes, and he has a dog. The dog is cool!
—Sheila Deeth,

Read chapter 1 of The Deviant here.

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