Firebird Champion

Firebird Champion by Orren Merton
Firebird Champion by Orren Merton (The Sedumen Chronicles #6, ISBN: 9780990693680) published on December 31, 2017 by Darkling Books. Read the first chapter now.

The opposite of life isn’t death; it is lifelessness.

Firebird Alex died. When she was brought back to life, Alex¬† discovered that she could communicate with all living things–the very life force itself. But with resurrection, comes responsibility–Life compels Alex to fight it’s enemies. And Life’s biggest enemy is the Cult of the Watchers. They destroy everything, leaving only lifelessness.

The Cult of the Watchers has beaten Alex at every turn, leaving her bloody and broken, but everyone depends on Firebird Alex to be their champion. There’s no amount of torment she won’t endure to succeed. She won’t fail her friends and those she’s sworn to protect. She won’t waste her second chance.

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