May 24, 2017

Happy 14th Birthday Luna!

Happy 14th Birthday Luna!

Happy Birthday to Lionheart’s Moonage Daydream, whom we call Luna. At 14 years old, she’s two years past the average lifespan of her breed (giant schnauzers live for 10-12 years), so I’m extremely happy she’s still here.

Age is definitely taking it’s toll. Her hearing is going. Her vision isn’t what it used to be. Her hips are fragile, and sometimes she can’t rise if she’s laying down. She moves slower. Eats slower. She barks when the other dogs bark, sometimes not knowing why, and even facing the wrong direction from the object the others are barking at. And saddest of all, occasionally it seems like she’s in pain.

But then she smiles, gets enthusiastic when I come home, tries to run after the other dogs when they play (a sort of hobble-run at this point), and otherwise shows signs that she’s not quite done with life yet. And her last vet checkup earlier in the year there was nothing abnormal wrong with her, just the expected decay of a venerable, elderly dog.

So here’s to Luna, squeezing every last drop out of the time she has left. She’s been getting table scraps all day and will probably get some special treats later, too. Because at this point, she’s earned the right to be spoiled!