October 31, 2017

New Novel: Firebird Champion Released Today!

New Novel: Firebird Champion Released Today!

I’m proud to announce the availability of the latest novel in The Sedumen Chronicles:

The opposite of life isn’t death; it is lifelessness.

Firebird Alex died. When she was brought back to life, Alex  discovered that she could communicate with all living things—the very life force itself. But with resurrection, comes responsibility—Life compels Alex to fight it’s enemies. And Life’s biggest enemy is the Cult of the Watchers. They destroy everything, leaving only lifelessness.

The Cult of the Watchers has beaten Alex at every turn, leaving her bloody and broken, but everyone depends on Firebird Alex to be their champion. There’s no amount of torment she won’t endure to succeed. She won’t fail her friends and those she’s sworn to protect. She won’t waste her second chance.

Firebird Champion is available today as an eBook at the following online retailers:

You can buy a paperback copy at the following online retailers:

You can download the first chapter free, or read it online.

This novel picks up where Watcher and Firebird, The Sedumen Chronicles, Book 5, leaves off. However, it is a complete tale with a beginning, middle, end, and all the backstory you need to know what’s happening. So to get the complete arc, you can read Watcher and Firebird and Firebird Champion (bonus, but not necessary: Stinger and Bow a “day in the life” story featuring thirteen-year-old Rachel aka Stinger, introduces the baddies). If you want the richest experience of the world of Sediin and our heroines, read all six. But this isn’t necessary to enjoy Firebird Champion.

Please download the free chapter, check out the novel, and if you like it, let everyone know! As an indie author, I don’t have a giant PR machine, my best method of getting the word out is people who love the story. I hope you enjoy it!