Stinger and Bow

Stinger and Bow by Orren Merton
Stinger and Bow by Orren Merton (The Sedumen Chronicles #4, ISBN: 9780990693635) published on February 15, 2016 by Darkling Books. Read the first chapter now.

Stinger needs a new crossbow.

Thirteen year-old Rachel Silver–or as she’s known to the world, Stinger–needs a new crossbow. Her last bow failed her when she needed it most. Besides, Firebird Alex, her aunt and fellow Seduman–half-human, half-spirit being–wields a Sedu blade, made with spirit magic.

So Stinger designs herself a magic crossbow, then convinces her best friends to accompany her around the world and into the universe of Sediin to find the right craftsmen to have it made. Trouble is, warriors attract people who want to challenge them, whether they’re ready or not. Stinger is still tormented by her last battle–she’s suffering night-terrors, shakes, and cold sweats. When the situation turns deadly, will she be able to come to grips with her trauma and become the warrior she needs to be to save her friends?

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