April 18, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday Drax!

Happy 2nd Birthday Drax!

Almost in spite of himself, our youngest dog, Drax the Destroyer, has reached his second birthday. It’s particularly tough to get pictures of Drax, because he acts as if pointing a phone at him is an invitation to leap on you. So enjoy the one above with Reilly, who turned three not long ago. I like the size comparison, because so many people think a dog that’s 26-inches tall at the shoulder and about 75 pounds is a “big” dog. Relative to a teacup poodle, certainly. But not compared to Reilly!

I’ve spoken about his personality in other posts, so suffice to say now that he’s an “adult” dog, he’s just become more of himself. More diva, more of a bully, more full of energy, more in-your-face. But also more intelligent,  devoted, more cuddly. They say that giant schnauzers are “not for the first time owner” and Drax embodies that warning. He’s a whole lot to handle, and an out of control Drax is a disaster waiting to happen. But then he turns around and acts completely sweet. In those moments the frustration with him melts away and I’m grateful to have him in my life.

So happy birthday little dude, and may you have many more to come!

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