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Scourge of the Nephilim by Orren Merton

Scourge of the Nephilim: The Sedumen Chronicles books 4, 5, and 6

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Excelsior, Stan (Stan Lee: 1922-2018)

You may have already read: Stanley Martin Leiber, known by his professional name Stan Lee, died today at 95. I didn’t know Stan Lee personally, but I consider myself a fan. You can read about his complete history and achievements in obituaries and remembrances all over the Internet. I want to write about how Stan Lee’s writing influenced me as a writer. There’s nothing unusual about being a young boy in the 70s who loved Spider-Man, Thor (the Marvel version), Iron Man, the Hulk, and so on.

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Shadow (2001-2018)

I am a dog person. I would never have chosen a cat. But back in 2001, my roommate and I lived in an apartment that didn’t allow dogs, and when my then-girlfriend, Michelle, moved in, she wanted a pet. She sold me on the Maine Coon (so named for their lion-like maine when adults) as a breed because of their dog-like nature. So reluctantly I agreed, and we ended up with a few-month old kitten who came from show cats but was the runt of the litter we named Shadow (then later “Viking Shadow,” because we thought the Maine Coon resembled the Norwegian Forest Cat).

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But other than that, how was the churro?

So as not to bury the lede: Golden and I are engaged. And yes, in the selfie quickly snapped after I proposed she’s showing off her novelty engagement ring, and I’m showing off…a churro. Like all good things, there’s a story there: For those of you who’ve been listening to my podcast, The Omega Beam you know that Golden and I have been together for some time now—long enough that we knew we wanted to make it official.

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