April 19, 2018

And then Drax turned three…

And then Drax turned three...

Happy third birthday Drax the Destroyer!

I will admit, when Drax first came into the picture, I was dubious. We already had two dogs, one a giant schnauzer as well. And Drax definitely lived up to his “destroyer” moniker, being a crazy hellion. But as manic as he was, he was also extremely affectionate, moreso than our elderly giant schnauzer, Luna.

Well, three years in, he’s still a crazy hellion, but he’s also mellowed, and is more accepting of new people and dogs without losing any of his natural protectiveness or affectionate nature.

Drax is not an easy dog to photograph, for two reasons. One, he’s jet black, and absorbs all the light in the world. The other is that when he’s awake he rarely stays still long enough to get a picture. But I was able to catch him after he stole one of my slippers. Yeah, that’s Drax—not trying to hide it, not trying to run, just staring me down with an impish look in his eye.

Either that, or maybe he’s trying to tell me that since I named him after a Marvel character, I shouldn’t wear the slippers promoting a DC character…

Enjoy your meat and fresh bone tonight, Drax. Happy birthday, and may you have many more, and never lose that impish look in your eye.

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