April 18, 2019

Happy 4th Birthday Drax!

Happy 4th Birthday Drax!

So here’s the truth:

At first, I didn’t want Drax. There were already two large dogs (Luna the giant schnauzer and Reilly the Irish wolfhound) and a cat (Shadow) in a two bedroom condo, and adding a crazy, rambunctious giant schnauzer puppy—especially one from true German working dog lines—didn’t seem like the smartest idea.

Drax was a livewire of energy, a full-tilt diva, bouncing off the walls, ceiling, and everything in between. The wooden window lattices in our living room still bear the toothmarks of his halcyon puppy days. He was always fun and funny and the most affectionate giant schnauzer I’d ever been around, but he came with a whirlwind, that’s for sure.

Here we are, at Drax’s 4th birthday. In some ways, he’s definitely matured. He can behave now—if he wants to (dog owners will know what I mean). He still has obnoxious moments. He still is a full-tilt diva. But if anything, his affectionate nature has only deepened. He loves being with his pack, and his devotion to us all is total.

In other words, he’s still Drax. And I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Drax, Kenya, and Reilly