August 10, 2016

I wrote a free short story for you: A House off the Road

I wrote a free short story for you: A House off the Road

Watcher and Firebird, book 5 of The Sedumen Chronicles, is currently being proofread. While you wait for that to come out later this year (and you are waiting, aren’t you?) I’ve written a short story that you might enjoy. It’s called A House off the Road.

Unlike The Sedumen Chronicles which is a YA series, A House off the Road is aimed at grown ups. That mostly means the language is saltier. It’s a 6200-word urban fantasy/historical occult fantasy story, set in the days immediately after World War II. Here’s the description of the story:

When Staff Sergeant Ben Reuben’s best friend, along with four other American solders, are kidnapped a few days after the D-Day invasion, Ben volunteers to rescue them. But this was no ordinary capture; the Nazis are waging an occult war, summoning an evil creature far more powerful than human soldiers or weaponry. Thankfully, Ben isn’t alone on this mission; he is partnered with the mysterious, undead Ambrose, himself a powerful demon hunter. Ben and Ambrose must save the soldiers before the summoning is complete, and Hell breaks loose—literally.

You can click here to download the story for free in either PDF, ePub, or mobi (Kindle) formats. You can also read it for free in your browser from the portfolio page here. You can also find it various eBook retailers, although depending on the retailer, they might charge you 99¢ for the privilege of downloading it from them.

I had a real kick writing this story. And if you do read it, please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think either in social media or using the contact page here. Enjoy!