July 20, 2016

We’re off to see the wizard…at Comic Con!

We’re off to see the wizard…at Comic Con!

That’s right, it’s time again for Comic Con, aka Comic Con International, aka San Diego Comic Con, aka nerd mecca. Regular readers know that for the last six years or so, we’ve tried to make it every year. We didn’t get there last year because we were in the process of moving to our current house, but this year we’re back on track! This is a good year to be going: it’s the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, along with the premiere of the third rebooted Star Trek movie; the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman; the 75th anniversary of Captain America; and in general, a fantastic year for genre television.

I’ve spoken about Comic Con in blogs past, so I don’t want to rehash all that. The short version is that it is a gathering and a celebration of pop culture: the books, the art, the movies, the videos, the comics, the whole shebang. It used to just be about buying, selling, and trading comics—and yes, I’m one of the old timers who actually rented a table at the Los Angeles Comic Convention with a friend, and we’d bring out our long boxes filled with monthly books and buy, sell, and trade with other collectors.

But I’m not one of those curmudgeons upset that Hollywood has discovered comic conventions. I think it’s great—the extra money and attention has allowed them to flourish, and I’m a big fan of pop culture flourishing. As a fantasy writer, I go as a professional, and take in panels on writing, world building, and so on, with other professionals that I admire. As a fan, I take in Q&A sessions, panels, and movie premiers of comic, sci-fi, and fantasy entertainment that looks exciting. And there are some exciting premieres I’m going to try to attend. We also always buy graphic novels and art directly from the indie creators in the Exhibit Hall. If any of you out there are going, I highly recommend you buy something from the indie creators too—it’s what keeps our niche alive.

I won’t be back at home until Sunday, but I plan on doing some short blogging when I can. I’ll definitely be Instagramming and Tweeting, if you want to follow me on the socials. And of course, I’ll have a wrap up once I return. Next stop, San Diego!