July 19, 2017

Southbound to Comic-Con (for a while)

Southbound to Comic-Con (for a while)

And here I go again (on my own): it’s time for Comic-Con International, aka SDCC. Regular readers know that I have tried to make it every year since about 2010, and usually I do. This year has been particularly touch-and-go. As I mentioned in a recent podcast, Luna, our 14-year old giant schnauzer, is in quite fragile health, and leaving her alone isn’t an option, and handing her off to someone else to take care of isn’t a very palatable option. Michelle offered to watch Luna so that I could spend a couple of days (July 20/21) at Comic-Con, then I’m reciprocating by coming back early so she can go camping with friends on the July 22/23. So I won’t get the full Comic-Con experience, but I know that Luna will be in the capable hands of her co-owner, and I’ll still get a couple days of geek mecca.

I fully intend to podcast on my return about the experience, as well as fire off my next newsletter (you are signed up aren’t you?) subsequent to that. If you follow me on social media, however, look for cool pictures posted to Instagram and Facebook and maybe tweets too. So if you’re going to be at Comic-Con yourself, please feel welcome to let me know on the social medias (and the emails), and if you’re not, hopefully I’ll have some entertaining stuff for you.

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