June 29, 2017

New short story: Yes/No

New short story: Yes/No

I’ve written a new short story! I’ve already presented it to my mailing list (and you did sign up for my newsletter, didn’t you? If you haven’t, you can here) but I wanted to give it away to everyone else too. As the cover image above should suggest, it’s called “Yes / No,” it’s science fiction, and it takes place in Earth’s orbit in the near future. Here’s the short description of the story:

Captain Lang’s repair mission was routine: fix the malfunctioning robotic arm on the International Space Station. What wasn’t routine was the wormhole that opened between Earth and the moon, and the alien vessel that contacted him. Captain Lang figures out how to understand two responses from the aliens: yes and no. This makes it difficult for the aliens to communicate the imminent danger and urgency of Captain Lang’s situation…

Short stories are my way to experiment with ideas and plots that don’t necessarily require a full novel’s worth of twists and turns. They’re short and fun, and hopefully a dozen pages worth of entertainment. As ever, my short stories are free to either download or read online. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please tell your friends!

Click here to download Yes / No as an ePub, PDF, or mobi (Kindle) file

Click here to read Yes / No online