May 24, 2016

Happy Thirteenth Birthday Luna!

Happy Thirteenth Birthday Luna!

When you look up the expected lifespan of giant schnauzers, most list 10 years. Some list 10-12 years. That makes it particularly special to us that our Lionheart’s Moonage Daydream, whom we call Luna, has reached her thirteenth birthday.

She’s definitely slowed down over the years. She eats slower and responds slower. Her hips don’t let her leap on our bed the way she used to, her hind legs are stiffer and slide out from under her every now and again. She sleeps longer and deeper. Her eyes are developing cataracts, and are getting cloudy. She’s getting lumpier and grumpier than ever.

But she’s still got enough spunk to bark like hell, or when the other animals are doing something that she, as the official “fun police,” deems out of line. She still likes her walks, and has the energy to play with the puppy now and again, and great us with joy when we return home.

She’ll get her traditional birthday hamburger, we’ll take her for a walk on the nature trail, and let her know how much we’ve loved having her in our lives for these last thirteen years. Luna’s healthy overall; hopefully there’s a more birthdays ahead for the old girl. But at this point, every day we get with her is a bonus, and we just want her to know that we’re grateful for every one.