May 29, 2017

And Shadow Turns 16!

And Shadow Turns 16!

Shadow is a hard cat to photograph. He’s usually sleeping, getting into trouble, or grooming himself.  When he’s not, he’s on my lap—which is sweet, but not conducive to me taking his picture.

And that, in a nutshell, is Shadow. At sixteen he probably spends most of the day asleep. Which I guess he always did, but now even more so. When he’s up, he still likes to put himself exactly where he’s not supposed to be, and generally be a nuisance, but then snuggle and be affectionate with me.

It’s a sad coincidence that both of my oldest pets have May birthdays. Luna is defying all the odds every day she wakes up and smiles and gets on with it, but it’s definitely getting tougher for her. Shadow will probably live forever out of spite. So tonight I’ll give Shadow his favorite treat (a raw egg) in honor of being part of this crazy menagerie for one more year. I have always been, and will always be, a “dog person” but I have to acknowledge that Shadow has somehow managed to burrow his way into my heart.

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