November 11, 2016

Leonard Cohen—Post-punk’s Dylan—dead at 82

Leonard Cohen--Post-punk’s Dylan--dead at 82

Canadian singer-songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen has died. He was 82. Beginning as another acoustic/folk tinged singer in the 60s, Leonard Cohen was never a household name like Bob Dylan, but to the post-punk generation, he was our Dylan. Deep mediations on life, death, sex, drugs, despair, darkness, healing, and redemption.

I first heard of him when I learned in an interview that goth band The Sisters of Mercy was named after a Leonard Cohen song:

Of course, I also heard the excellent Concrete Blond cover of Everybody Knows from the movie Pump Up The Volume:

He also wrote an excellent song called Hallelujah:

Leonard Cohen wasn’t someone I listened to on a daily basis, but he was a genius whom I appreciated and followed to see what his new developments were. I’m grateful for all his great work, and sad to know that there won’t be more.

A hell of a week.