October 2, 2016

Happy New Year 5777!

Happy New Year 5777!

It’s that time again: the Jewish High Holy Days, beginning with Rosh Hashanah or Jewish New Year, begins tonight. As I wrote on this blog years ago:

Unlike January 1st, which is a party, Rosh Hashanah is supposed to be sweet…but contemplative. It begins the “days of awe” which are supposed to be for looking back at how you behaved and what you did over the last year, and taking stock of it. To me, this is the crux of it, and what means the most to me.

I don’t think you need to be Jewish or religious to be self-reflective. I consider myself a profoundly spiritual person, but not “religious” in any traditional sense. But noise and distraction is everywhere, and finding a place for silence, surrounded by community committed to the same, is a very powerful thing.

It’s always a good time for self-reflection, but I think now especially, with bruising social and political issues dividing the western world—Brexit and the American election being the most obvious, but every nation has their version. I’d like to believe that with a little more peace and love in the world, we would be able to come together and solve our differences respectfully. So lets use this time, Jew and non-Jew alike to foster inner peace, and then bring that peace to our little corner of the world. And just maybe, we’ll make this world better, each of us, one person at a time.

L’Shana Tovah.