October 17, 2016

My Watcher and Firebird Playlist

My Watcher and Firebird Playlist

Whenever I write a novel, I always assemble a playlist of songs to listen to while I’m writing. The songs follow the mood, and sometimes, the narrative of the book. The playlist for Watcher and Firebird is pretty dark, because it’s a dark story. I note in a few (three, I believe) of the novels that Alex went through a goth phase, and this playlist tends towards the goth/industrial/electronic side of things.

The songs are:

  1. The Doomsday Cult Blues—Graveyard Train
  2. Headhunter [Version 2.0]—Front 242
  3. Outrage—Ember After
  4. Movement Of Fear—Tones On Tail
  5. Non-Stop Violence—Apoptygma Berzerk
  6. Survive—Lacuna Coil
  7. Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me—IAMX
  8. On the Wire—The Sisters of Mercy
  9. Moment—Ever so Android
  10. Walk with the Noise—IAMX
  11. Flood I—The Sisters of Mercy
  12. Obstacle 1—Interpol
  13. New Dark Ages—Bad Religion

Here’s a link to the Playlist on YouTube:


And Apple Music:

Enjoy the songs, and I hope they help you get in the mood of the novel, too. For more on Watcher and Firebird, click here.