October 9, 2018

But other than that, how was the churro?

But other than that, how was the churro?

So as not to bury the lede: Golden and I are engaged. And yes, in the selfie quickly snapped after I proposed she’s showing off her novelty engagement ring, and I’m showing off…a churro.

Like all good things, there’s a story there:

For those of you who’ve been listening to my podcast, The Omega Beam you know that Golden and I have been together for some time now—long enough that we knew we wanted to make it official.

Golden has a lifelong love of all things Disney, and as an annual Disneyland pass holder, likes to go there not just as a full-day tourist attraction, but for short jaunts, to enjoy the ambiance, the food, the shopping, the rides, etc.

Recently, she took me to one of the Disney parks I’d never been to, Disney California Adventure one evening. Once there, I noticed that they had a number of churro stands. Now, I love churros, but I very rarely eat them. So I excitedly said to Golden that I was going to get myself a churro. We ended up being busy until the park closed, so I never did get my churro. From then on, a running gag was that we’d have to go back to DCA just so I could get my churro.

We’d actually planned to go on a very nice date on Tuesday night..but sometimes, you just have to go with your gut. I asked Golden if she’d be willing to reschedule our nice date to Friday night, and go to DCA instead, so I could get that churro. She said yes. (Being an intelligent woman, she’d already an inkling as to why I wanted to go just then to get it).

At DCA, more or less as soon as we got there, I stood in line and bought my churro. I asked Golden to find us a nice spot overlooking water, and we found a wooden rail next to a picturesque, raging waterfall. I reached out to Golden’s right hand, and asked her to please hold my churro…then fished out a pink, heart shaped rubber ring that we got at Comic-Con from my back pocket, placed it on her left ring finger, and asked her to please marry me.

She said yes.

One of the nice things about engagements the second time around is that having done it all before makes it easier to be relaxed and enjoy the moment. I aimed for a proposal that would be quirky, romantic, fun, and a story that we’d enjoy retelling. I knew that going to Disneyland would be meaningful, finding a spot by running water would be beautiful, Golden has a great sense of humor and would love my use of the ring, and what could be more quirky than throwing a quest for a churro into the mix?

It was a success by all measures, and we’re thrilled to be engaged.

Oh—the churro was delicious, thanks for asking.