September 20, 2016

New Novel Watcher and Firebird Released Today!

New Novel Watcher and Firebird Released Today!

Exciting news! The fifth novel in The Sedumen Chronicles, Watcher and Firebird, is now available! This is perhaps the most action packed and “mature” of all the novels, with the stakes extremely personal for Alex. Here’s the description:

Firebird Alex didn’t know much about the Nephilim until they assassinated her friend in the United States government, kidnapped the man she considers her uncle, and tried to murder her—twice. Now she’s learned that they, and their leader “the Watcher,” will stop at nothing to kill her, everyone she loves, and every Seduman on Earth.

Alex must stop their murderous plans even if it means compromising the heroine she’s become.

Even though this is the fifth novel in the series, I made sure that I describe enough of the mythology and the background of Team Firebird that you can jump right in and it will make sense. I’m extremely proud of this one, because Alex really deals with some heavy burdens, which ratchets up the emotional cost and tension, but also gives her a real chance to take charge.

Click this link for a free download of the first chapter from the book as either an ePub or PDF.

Watcher and Firebird is available as an eBook from your favorite online retailer, and a print book from Amazon (and eventually others).

This was a fun novel to write, and I hope it’s as much fun to read. It’s a roller coaster, but hopefully one you’ll love riding. And the cover is once again by the amazingly talented Dusan Markovic—I’m thrilled to have his illustration of Firebird Alex and Stinger gracing my cover!