September 24, 2018

A New Site Design and a New Cover

A New Site Design and a New Cover

I’ve got a new cover and a new site design to share with you!

First, this beautiful cover, illustrated by Dusan Markovic (whom I’ve been lucky enough to have create my last three covers), announces the future arrival of Scourge of the Nephilim, a boxed set combining the novels in The Sedumen Chronicles that comprise the complete Nephilim storyline: Stinger and Bow (Book 4), Watcher and Firebird (Book 5), and Firebird Champion (Book 6). The book is scheduled to be published this Fall, with some extra goodies to be announced closer to the publication date. But I wanted to share the gorgeous cover art with the world before then.

Now let’s talk about the new look and feel of This has been a complete redesign of the site, not just graphically but under the hood as well. I couldn’t be happier with the ease of navigation, how good it looks on both desktop OS and mobile devices, and how lightning fast it now loads.

This is due not only to a complete rethink of how I wanted the site to look and flow, but because the site is now a static website generated using Hugo, running a custom theme designed by a friend and great author in his own right, Simon Cann. If that all sounds like a foreign language to you, not to worry—the upshot is that the site is now faster and extremely secure. If you haven’t checked out my site in a while, please enjoy the new design, and I’ll have another update in the not-too-distant future regarding my forthcoming Scourge of the Nephilim boxed set!