The Sedumen Chronicles Glossary

Agyei (AGH-yeh): The “demon of Dajibo-Ondo,” Agyei is the Nigerian son of Lord Mog, a Sedu, and Tabibi, a Seduman, so he is a Seduman who is three-quarters Sedu. Husband to Tinuke, father of Efi.

Alexandra Gold, the Lady Firebird: Seduman daughter of Keroz, a Sedu, and Stacy (Shoshana) Gold, a Nistar.

Daeba (DAY-bah): Mazzik consort of Zaebos.

Detective Sergeant Hector Godinez (Go-DEEN-ez): Best friend of Rabbi Norman Hirsch, a detective in the Irvine (California) Police Department and later the Paranormal Investigations Team (P.I.T.) with a distant Seduman relative.

Erin Cavendish (CAV-en-dish): British teenage Seduman from London, rescued by Lady Firebird.

Garz (Gahrz): Sedu son of Keroz, and half-brother to Alexandra Gold, the Lady Firebird of the House of Keroz.

Galdyr (Gahl-deer): Greater Mazzik guardian of Firebird Manor.

Gehenna (Geh-HEN-ah): Realm of spirits cut off from their material bodies. Eventually spirits here will either be guided to Merkaba, harvested for Sediin, or simply dissipate.

Greater Mazzik (Mah-ZEEK), plural Greater Mazzikim (Mah-zee-KEEM): Physical manifestations of spirit beings in The Firstlands that aren’t as vast as Rishonim.

Greater Sedu (SAY-doo): larger, vaster spirits than Sedu, tasked to watch over the Sedim and ensure that they don’t step so far out of bounds that they threaten the existence of the material universe.

Jacob Harman: Boyfriend of Alex Gold, the Lady Firebird, with a distant Seduman relative.

Jillian Kelley: Best friend of Jake Harmon, daughter of Linda Kelley, and Nistar.

**Josh Harman **: Boy friend of Rachel Silver, Stinger, and brother of Jake Harman.

Kaayot (Kah-YOAT): Huge, disembodied spirits that guard Markaba, the realm of spirits no longer connected to living material beings.

Keroz (CARE-oz): Sedu father of Alexandra Gold, and lord of the House of Keroz, a house composed of his spirit.

Kenuut (Keh-NEWT): Greater Sedu of Honesty.

Kesed (KEH-sed): Greater Rishon of Mercy. He minded the Rishon before The Firstlands collapsed. He is so powerful, he can detect merciful acts in any universe.

Klara Bagrov (BAG-rove): Ukrainian teenage Seduman from Boston, rescued by Lady Firebird.

Mazzik (Mah-ZEEK), plural Mazzikim (Mah-zee-KEEM): physical manifestations of spirit beings in Sediin that aren’t as vast as Sedim.

Merkaba (Muhr-KAH-bah): The realm in the spirit universe where spirits detached from their physical bodies interact with each other for eternity. Spirits must be guided here by other spirits that are already part of Merkaba.

Nistar (Niss-TAR), plural Nistarim (Niss-tah-REEM): one of the purest human souls, a spirit that only ever considers doing good works that benefit mankind. There are only ever thirty-six of Nistarim alive on Earth at any one time; these thirty-six are sometimes referred to as the “Lahmed-Vavnicks” in Hebrew lore.

Pelegor (PEH-leg-or): Mazzik steed to Lady Firebird and Stinger.

Rabbi Norman Hirsch (HER-SH): A Rabbi in Tustin, California, who knew about the universe of Sediin, he was the foster father of Rachel Gold, Stinger.

Rachel Silver, the Mistress Stinger: Seduman daughter of Vetis, a Sedu, and Adena Silver, a human.

Rishon (Ree-SHOWN), plural Rishonim (Ree-show-NEEM): immensely powerful spirit beings who manifested spirit forms millions of years before the Sedim, and created what they named The Firstlands.

Ruhin (Roo-HEEN): the smallest physical manifestation of spirit beings in Sediin.

Rumam (Roo-MOM): spirits disconnected from living bodies in the material universe.

Sediin (Seh-DEEN): The realm in the spirit universe that the Sedim created so that they could manifest physical forms.

Sedu (SAY-doo), plural Sedim (Say-DEEM): the powerful spirit beings who manifest both their own physical forms and the realm of Sediin, and maintain both by harvesting the energy of Rumam.

Seduman (SAY-doo-man), plural Sedumen (SAY-doo-men): this almost always refers to the offspring of a Sedu and a human, however it can also refer to the offspring of a Sedu and any other being that a Sedu can reproduce with.

Shoshana (Stacy Gold): As a woman, Stacy Gold was the human mother of Alexandra Gold, the Lady Firebird. She is also one of the Nistarim.

Tinuke (Ti-NOO-kay): Wife of Agyei, and Nistar.

Vetis (Vehtis): Sedu father of Rachel Silver, and Alex’s adopted half-brother. His birth House, the House of Es, was destroyed by the House of Keroz at Vetis’s behest.

Zaebos (ZAY-bose): Mazzik captain of Lady Firebird’s honor guard.

Zedek (ZEH-deck): Greater Sedu of Righteousness. He minds the Sedim, ever watchful for those who do righteous deeds, to reward them.

Zogo (ZOH-go): Originally Vetis’s faithful Ruhin servant in the House of Es, now the personal servant to all the Sedu and Sedumen of the House of Keroz.

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