February 21, 2016

Another trip around the sun

Another trip around the sun

Thanks to everyone who took a moment of their time to acknowledge the conclusion of my most recent journey around the sun, and to wish me well on my current one. Being completely sincere, the acknowledgments from people on social media are nice and welcome.

I had a nice relaxing day. I got to tinker with some new toys and wrote the skeleton of a new song, which always makes me happy. I spent time lounging with Michelle and our dogs in the glorious Southern Californian weather. We walked to the picturesque center of town and ate good food, and chased it down with artisan cupcakes. And I even managed to get a little writing for Book 5 of The Sedumen Chronicles in there, too.

My last year was one of the better years I’ve had. Everything seemed to move in a positive direction as far as family, housing, pets, and employment. I released a couple of books I’m very proud of, and I’ve even got some new music that is almost ready for release. Not everything has been golden of course but the trajectory has been, and I enter this next year with hope that it will continue to get better.

Thanks again, and let’s all make 2016 great.