February 17, 2016

Words and Music: My Stinger and Bow Playlist

Words and Music: My Stinger and Bow Playlist

As I’ve blogged previously, when I write, I use music to set the mood, to speak from the characters and to the characters, and to keep me focused. So before I start writing I begin a playlist for every novel.

My playlist for Stinger and Bow posed a bit of a challenge. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to read that I don’t share too many musical preferences popular with thirteen-year-olds. So I tried to pick songs that worked in context of the story, but also had a lively, female-centric voice/vibe to them. Even if Rachel might not listen to these artists, she’d appreciate what they’re saying.

Rachel also isn’t nearly as moody as Firebird Alex is, so while I chose songs that capture her moments of introspection, tension, and doubt, overall her music tends towards the upbeat, just like she does.

I put together a YouTube Playlist of all the songs:

And here’s the list of the individual songs and artists:

  1. Where the Devil Don’t Go—Elle King
  2. Miss Murder—AFI
  3. The Killing Type—Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra
  4. Little Sister—Queens of the Stone Age
  5. Tribal—Imelda May
  6. The Wolf—Mumford & Sons
  7. Lovesick—Dead Sara
  8. Forget Me—BT
  9. Heads Will Roll—Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  10. Ooh La La—Goldfrap

Please feel free to grab the above songs from your music service of choice. If you’re an iTunes user, you can grab them from this list: Stinger and Bow

I think they’re good songs, and I think they help set a mood that works with the novel. Enjoy!