March 2, 2016

Full blog post list and contest for Stinger and Bow

Full blog post list and contest for Stinger and Bow

I wanted to direct you to one more guest post. This isn’t a new one; this guest blog was actually posted to the Cover2Cover blog on Feb 19th, but I had other posts up and directing your attention to this blog escaped me. So here it is: if you go to the site, you’ll find a Message to Young Writers: Do’s and Don’ts guest blog.

Also, we’ve been running a contest through the blog tour; did you know that? If not, check out any of the guest posts for signup information.

And if there’s any that you missed, CBB Book Promotions has the entire tour schedule on the Stinger and Bow Tour Page.

Now that the tour is done, I’m not going to be posting about Stinger and Bow nearly as much. However, I do have a very low volume mailing list, in which I talk about what I’m up to, and share advanced looks at things, etc. If you’re interested and haven’t signed up yet, please do.

And at some point in the future, there’s probably going to be another podcast…