December 11, 2018

Scourge of the Nephilim Out Now!

Scourge of the Nephilim Out Now!

Just in time to stuff your Kindle, iPad, phone, or tablet for the holidays, Scourge of the Nephilim, the “boxed set” compiling books 4-6 of the Sedumen Chronicles is available, with a brand new amazing cover from Dusan Markovic! This collection includes:

Stinger and Bow: Thirteen-year-old Rachel, known as the Seduman Stinger, needs a new crossbow. After the shock and trauma she’s suffered, she also needs a vacation from being a heroine, so she can just be a teenager. Can she manage both?

Watcher and Firebird: Alex had never heard of the Nephilim until they started stalking her soul sister, Rachel. Now they’re trying to murder everyone she loves. Firebird Alex has to find out who they are and stop them before they destroy everyone and everything she cares about.

Firebird Champion: The opposite of life isn’t death; it’s lifelessness. Given a second chance to live, Firebird Alex is tasked with being life’s champion and eliminating the Nephilim before they eliminate the very life force of the world.

Also featured in this collection is a glossary of terms and characters.

You can pick up Scourge of the Nephilim today in all your favorite online digital bookstores:

And it will be available soon as a paperback as well.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get the entire second story arc of The Sedumen Chronicles, this is it. You don’t need to have read the first arc (books 1-3) to enjoy Scourge of the Nephilim, but of course if you have, you’ll get a richer experience. I hope you enjoy it!